I can stand up like this, with P2’s gun pointed at my back knowing it will go off at the touch of a finger if he decides I’ve said too much, and you know what? I’m not in the least worried about it. If I die, I go into that vision of heaven. I go to meet my Savior who has met my needs and loves me more than His own life. 

-Excerpt from The Parabaloni

How do you connect corgis, mismatched American spies, people in cloaks on foreign planets, the solid truth of Christ, cockatoos and mold spores, and quirky author’s news? Congratulations, you found the answer! You can find it all, and much more, here. Browse my site pages, meet my characters! Vincent and Simeon (quirky young inventor and reticent retired CIA field agent) can be found under the “Parabaloni” tab. Look there if you want an adventure – and perhaps a deeper understanding of how your faith can impact so much more than just your own life. If you are more in the mood for a tale of cloaks and pesky dragons and foreign parts, wander towards the “Dreaded King” page, and meet Charlie, Corinth, and Meagan, and their translator who is perhaps…well, we all have our quirks, I shouldn’t complain about his.

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