When I first began translating these remarkable texts, I thought perhaps I could share them all in one volume. But it soon became apparent that would create a work of mammoth proportions. Therefore, I decided to break it into several volumes, and this is the first of the lot. Naturally it is the beginning of the account, as it would be pretty inane to introduce this in the middle of Charlie and the Meagans striving to reestablish the €lænğał line, or while they are being hunted down by Yaspur the Hard and the Niathalin Assassin Brotherhood! That would only confuse you. Actually I think that would confuse me too. So I suggest you start at the beginning. And to make that possible, here is the first volume of my spectacular translation of this remarkable account. Now go read it quickly so I can get on with the next set.

Dreaded King, Volume 1

What happens when a peace-loving farmer meets a pretty knife-fighter and her soldier father? 
Rich soldier and dirty street boy, stuck in the same house indefinitely

and the deadly Grand High Pumba of the Rocks.

He finds out he's no farmer.


     I hast been instructed to tell thee my part in the business of protecting €hærlêm the Third, Dreaded King, during the imperilment of his lineage and the attempted overthrow of his reign. To do so I have had to start my tale earlier in the year, when my tormentor came into my life; which finally resulted in the destruction of all my family hoped and dreamed for since my birth.


     Thanks a lot, Arvi. I guess it don’t matter none to you that I’s done my part of protecting too? It were me that stopped that carriage of murderers running off with Charlie, and me what gave the archer in the woods something else to think about so’s the king could live long enough for you to find him. And I's only ten years yet! Don’t go shovin’ me in the dark like I ain’t around, we’s been in this together. So we’s both telling this tale. It’s a pretty good yarn, too.

Dreaded King, Volume 3

Twisted politics, castle secrets, toothy dragons,

      Yaspur the Hard, Grand High Pumba of the Rocks, has overthrown the world. He rules behind a puppet king who usurped the throne twelve long years ago, murdering the entire royal family. Or did he? Astor Meagan, the last surviving knight, knows Yaspur is looking for something. Could it be a bigger secret than anyone has ever guessed? A chance to right the kingdom and restore a world is handed to Astor Meagan and his knife-wielding daughter. But never in their wildest dreams could they have imagined a dirty, peace-spouting, vegetarian farmer would become the pivotal point in the vast game of politics and intrigue happening on their planet’s surface.

Translated from original Łithŧǽrn by Arthur A. Simpson.

     Since you have read the first volume of Dreaded King, you already know about Charlie’s interesting past, and Corinth’s cooking and dagger skills, and Meagan’s determination to get the true king back in place and upset the nasty plans of Yaspur, Grand High Pumba of the Rocks. Very good. Now in this volume, €hærlêm Hartsom is born; you have only sort of met him, and I find him quite an interesting fellow, whom I think you will enjoy learning about. Though not all of this second book is an enjoyable tale, the death of Charlie Biggton is a bit difficult to swallow, and…but I think I’m telling too much. I had better shut up and let you get on with reading. After all, Charlie and the Meagans are better story-tellers than I am. Go read their account, made possible by my brilliant translations into English.

Dreaded King, Volume 2

Dreaded King Series

trying to keep a king alive.

Young Adult Fantasy

Age Suggestion: 13-18