The Parabaloni Series

Arid outer space
Two friends
Four freinds

One God

And two friends trying to stop a terrorist

     Underneath the French A15 Interstate, where it towers over the river Seine, sits a warehouse. It is particularly uninteresting, just a gray rectangle, like an overgrown cinderblock. But to a team of American spies it is extremely interesting; it’s the building Simeon Lee picked to unmask a terrorist of an unusual sort. Simeon’s best friend is in trouble, framed for terrorist activity by someone calling themselves ‘Solitaire,’ and that’s not something the Parabaloni are willing to overlook. At that singularly ugly warehouse the four spies must bring together Gigan’s family of Parisian smugglers, all the law-enforcement they can pack into three rooms, a crowd of Islamic terrorist, one crooked inventor, and this unexplained Solitaire. But once there, will Simeon manage to draw a confession out, or will Solitaire end the night by his favorite method of igniting TNT, and blow them all to miniscule pieces?      

Parabaloni Book 4

Meets terrorists
Hooded murderers

      Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be trapped in a room with a large hunk of C4 armed and ready to go off? Simeon Lee and Vincent Tolliver find themselves in this disturbing situation, along with another uncomfortable sensation: who they thought were allies, are now covering them with sub-machine guns with very malicious intent. Added to this, comes the knowledge that only their actions can save thousands of their fellow men from dying in a matter of minutes. Now stop a minute and ask yourself, if you were shoved into such a situation, what would you do? I can tell you one thing. What you would do relies a good deal on what you believe.

Parabaloni Book 2

Team leader down

    Two men of radically different backgrounds, but united by a single thread strong enough to shake the world: Christ is all in all, and if He loved enough to give His life for a dying people why should His servants do any less?

     Simeon Lee has spent his life keeping America free from terror. Which makes the discovery of a band of hooded murderers sparking fear from coast to coast, a very unpalatable shock. Someone is trying to change America from the ground up, and whoever they are has no qualms about murdering the weak in their way. But as he takes hold of faith and leaps out into the fight again, Simeon begins to suspect God might have an ulterior motive in driving him back to work. Happiness, the elusive sweetness in life the old spy has long given up hope of finding, could be waiting for him in the smile of an unexpected young friend.

Parabaloni Book 1

Not good

Nuclear fallout in the panhandle
Slaughtered penguins

Famous pieces of art

     For Peter Aziz the bright side to life seems to be gone for good. He's lost his family, safety, country, and nearly his life because he chose one abstract idea over another. And the future doesn't look as if it will hold anything but a struggle to earn a living and attempts to stay alive. But it's worth it to have Jesus as Lord. This life can be as awful as it likes, Peter Aziz is content to know he has a heavenly kingdom and life everlasting just on the other side of the veil. And it's a good thing, because the next week finds him sold out by his team, captured by Islamic terrorists who are a bit peeved at him for converting to Christianity, shot at by camel herders in the Empty Quarter, nearly drowned in a Yemen river, almost blown to bits while rescuing a king, and shot out of the sky while wearing a pteranodon-styled flight suit. This world can be a surprising place sometimes. But when new friendships begin to form, for Peter Aziz life's surprises begin to switch to the good kind, instead of the nightmares of the past year.

Parabaloni Book 3

A French sharpshooter

And 70,000 mosquito drones
And a room full of high explosives

Young Adult Mystery Suspense

Age Suggestion: 12-18

Christian convert

A peaceful holiday season never lasts when your job description is trouble-shooting spy. But at least Antarctica poses a pretty landscape for an approaching Christmas, and anywhere can be home if you have a heated house-plane, friends and family near, and Christ’s joy in your heart. Until your heated plane is shot down in frigid water, and you find yourself stranded in an ice cave with one of your teammembers half dead and the group of killers who shot you down only a mile’s easy march from you. But on the bright side, the short distance from well-supplied enemies is nice for raiding purposes. And there’s nothing better on a cold night then a game of riddles, and this situation poses a doozy; what’s the link between slaughtered penguins, famous pieces of art, a drilling site, arid outer space, a 1st century band of Christian brethren, and a group of mismatched American spies?​​

Parabaloni Book 5

Donald Duck gone rogue

Deadly black boxes

     One of the most difficult things about chronicling the lives of spies is that the most heroic and exciting tales are the ones too classified to tell. Still, I have managed to get my hands on a few stories allowed in the public eye from this elite spy team. But keep something in mind if you choose these as books to stave off boredom. Ideas, worldviews, the ethereal, untouchable realm, where each act of heroism and dastardly dream is hatched…that’s the real plotline of every spy novel. When you think of a spy story, what first pops into your head, is adventure. Along with a first class mystery, footnotes filled with zoological references, allusions to past adventures, and excitement! Ok, well, I might be the only one to envision footnotes in such a genre, but one thing is sure. What every reader anticipates and finds in a thrill seeking read is not what sticks in their mind and twists it. Be prepared to learn more than you expected when you leap into these books.

Each Parabaloni book is a stand alone story; the characters develop a bit throughout the books, but really you can leap into the series wherever your fancy directs you.

Algernon Fitzkkin (codename Donald Duck) used to be at the top of the game of lies and spies and agents. New interests have claimed him now, and he is not pleased to be pulled out of his not-so-quiet retirement to have a mysterious Eastern beauty shoved into his arms. But after a few minutes conversation, Algy knows she needs him. And a gallant gentleman never turns his back on a lady in distress, no matter how old he might be, or how impossibly in the dark he is in this situation where no one will tell him anything. Flying blind while trying to lead rarely works. But sometimes a man can stumble through the darkness to find…what? Algy has the uncomfortable feeling this situation is going to take him only to a deeper darkness, with death seeking its way like red dust blown in a high wind seeping under the door. Help is needed to navigate through this one alive, and all Algy can do is throw himself on the One who makes the blind to see. Even so, something tells him he isn’t going to be feeling just ducky by the end. 

Parabaloni Book 6

And a band of mismatched spies